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Natural Movers Foundation is dedicated to creating sustainable dance and arts eduational programming and events in Palm Beach County. Your contribution will help us execute our mission. All contributions are tax-deductible as Natural Movers Foundation Inc. is a 501 c(3).

Dance. Artistry. Community.

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Why We Move.

We founded Natural Movers Foundation in 2016 after noticing that many Black and Brown ballet students were not performing at the same level as their peers-because they'd started dancing later in life. We then launched a multi-week summer intensive geared towards Black and Brown students, enabling over 60 students to sharpen their ballet technique and further their studies. 

We have since expanded on that vision to ensure that anyone, regardless of age, dance or arts experience, and background-has the opportunity to learn and witness the art-form of dance. Offering accessible, approachable, and affordable dance classes, events and performances is one way we enhance Palm Beach County's artistic expression. 

The others, lie in our responsibility to our PBC artists who desire to teach,, create, perform and present their works locally-we are charged with creating such opportunities;  and to our families by providing monthly arts-exposure programming for the whole family to enjoy.


All of this, we can't do, without YOU.



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